Grant Funding

Program # Program name Budget Actual Cost Program Reporting
11 Softball Upgrades      
12 Cross Lake Community Cleanup (students)      
18 Consultation, program development, administration and process     Yes
37-PWP-001 Wellness Research      
37-PWP-002 Pimicikamak Day      
37-PWP-003 Pimicikamak Day Fastball      
37-PWP-004 Indiginous Peoples Softball      
37-PWP-005 Treaty Days      
37-PWP-006 Adwen Halcrow Softball      
37-PWP-007 Pow Wow (Graduation HS)      
37-PWP-008 Pow Wow and Harbour      
37-PWP-009 Youth Gathering & Concert      
37-PWP-010 Youth Volleyball Tournament      
37-PWP-011 Youth Basketball Touranment      
37-PWP-012 Pimicikamak Minor Softball      
37-PWP-013 Pimicikamak Softball      
37-PWP-014 Pimicikamak Canoe Club      
37-PWP-015 Pimicikamak Minor Soccer      
37-PWP-016 Pimicikamak Minor Hockey      
37-PWP-017 Pimicikamak Recreation Hockey      
37-PWP-018 Pimicikamak Athletics      
37-PWP-019 Cross Lake Junior B      
37-PWP-020 Pimicikamak Elite Sports Program      
37-PWP-021 Pimicikamak Road and Floor Hockey      
37-PWP-022 Land Based Activities – Summer      
37-PWP-023 Land Based Activities – Fall      
37-PWP-024 Land Based Activities – Winter      
37-PWP-025 Land Based Activities – Spring      
37-PWP-026 Elders Gathering      
37-PWP-027 Canoe Quest      
37-PWP-028 Womens Wellness      
37-PWP-029 Grand Opening Feasts      
37-PWP-030 Traditional Feasts 1      
37-PWP-031 Traditional Feasts 2      
37-PWP-032 Traditional Feasts 3      
37-PWP-033 Trappers / Winter Festival      
37-PWP-034 Seasonal Youth Camp 1      
37-PWP-035 Seasonal Youth Camp 2      
37-PWP-036 Seasonal Youth Camp 3      
37-PWP-037 Seasonal Youth Camp 4      
37-PWP-038 Cultural Teachings and Traditional Healing      
50 Arena Upgrades      
51 Fuelwood Gathering and Distribution      
56 lniniwi Pimatisiwin      
57 Domestic Foods      
81 Navigation Response (Safety Patrol)      
99 PimComm