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Pimicikamak is an indigenous Cree-speaking people whose traditional territory lies in the boreal forest of the Canadian Shield north of Lake Winnipeg.
Pimicikamak (pim ih chik uh mak) where a lake lies across the river, the land surrounding that place, the people that has inhabited that land since time immemorial, the nation comprised of that people inhabiting that land.
Pimicikamak is a self-governing indigenous nation. Its origins pre-date European settlement of Canada. Pimicikamak became part of Canada by its representative, Te-pas-te-nam, signing Treaty 5 at a historic ceremony in Norway House in 1875. Click Map for More...


Chief Merrick 2015 New Year's Address

Greetings for the new year! As we bid farewell to 2014, let us acknowledge the hardships and losses we have experienced, while we also celebrate what we achieved. The last year has given us much to be proud of. It is a year that will be remembered. 2015 holds the promise of being even more memorable. In order for this to happen we must acknowledge the Creator as the source of life, strength and healing. We must focus on unity as a nation. We must focus on our core values.




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