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Pimicikamak Territory   Pimicikamak (pim ih chik uh mak) where a lake lies across the river, the land surrounding that   place, the people that has inhabited that land since time immemorial, the nation comprised of   that people inhabiting that land. Pimicikamak is a self-governing indigenous nation. Its origins   pre-date European settlement of Canada. Pimicikamak became part of Canada by its   representative, Te-pas-te-nam, signing Treaty 5 at a historic ceremony in Norway House in   1875.




Treaty Days July 28 - August 3, 2014

Well Treaty Days are just a few days away. Here is our invite to ALL OUR TREATY PEOPLE BELONGING TO PIMICIKAMAK. Come to Cross Lake and visit for we will be welcoming you home and we will have daily feasts for you. We have no hotels but that is no problem. Our yards and our campsites will be waiting so bring your tents and camping gear we will provide you with food and security while you are here. We will also be providing information on our history and historical documents for you to take home back to your communities and share. We will have local embassadors to help and assist you with your questions and needs as well. Our community is getting ready so for more information you can call 204-676-2218 ask for Darwin or Margaret Scott Tommy Monias and listen for our celebirty embassador Ernest Monias to be on NCI with our official invite to come home to Pimicikamak. Ekosani pekeewek.





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